Accra Postal Code, Find The Official Area Code For Accra

Are you often asked to provide the Accra Postal code when filling out a form and don’t know what to write? If you are in such a situation, check out this learning guide.

A postal code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes with spaces or punctuations included in a postal address to sort mail.

Postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas, but sometimes special codes are assigned to individual addresses or institutions that receive large volumes of mail.

Accra Postal Code

The Accra postal code is  GA.

An example of a postcode in Accra is GA184 for Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum.

GA represents the postcode district, where G is for the greater Accra Region and A for Accra Metropolitan District.

184 represents the postal code area.

The postal Code G40000 denotes the center of postcode district GA within Accra, the district capital of Accra Metropolitan district, and corresponds to the five-meter square area around the Jubilee House.

This is the Accra postal code in Ghana.

What Is The Format Of The Accra Postal Code

The simplest address format is; Recipient Name, Street Name, Digital Address, Area, and Region.

The postal codes are alphanumeric because the first two characters form the postcode district.

The first letter represents the region and region and the second character represents the district where the address is located.

The next three to five digits represent the postcode area and identify a more precise location within the area.

The postal code areas are numbered in a sequence and spiral out anticlockwise from the center of the postal code district, with the areas located 500 meters apart.

This format is put in place to ensure consistency and accuracy in all deliveries and addressing.

This is the format of the Accra postal code in Ghana. 

Postal Codes In Ghana

Postal codes in Ghana were first used on 18th October 2017 following the launch of the National Digital Address System.

The codes were adopted as a joint venture between Ghana Post and Vokacom Ltd as GhanaPost GPS.

The Digital Address System assigned postal codes to every square in Ghana, including Accra.

A postal code is made up of a postcode district and postcode area.

This is all the information you need about Accra Postal Code in Ghana.