Accra Meaning, Ultimate Guide To What Accra Means

Today’s guide will show you the Accra meaning in Ghana.

The guide will also show you the history of Accra’s meaning and the role of Accra in Ghana.

Accra, the capital and largest city in Ghana, is located on the Gulf of Guinea, an Atlantic Ocean arm.

The city lies 25 to 40 feet high and spreads northward over the undulating Accra plains.

Accra Meaning

The name Accra is a corruption of the Akan word nkran.

Nkran refers to the black ants that abound in the vicinity and came to be applied to the inhabitants of the Accra plains.

This is the Accra meaning in Ghana.

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What Is The History Of Accra Meaning

When the Portuguese first settled in Ghana in 1482, the present Accra was occupied by several villages of the Ga tribe, ruled by Ayaso.

Also was the parent settlement for the Ga people and was located about 15-mile north.

Europeans built three fortified trading posts along the coast in the locality; Fort James for the English, Fort Crevecoeur for the Dutch, and Christiansborg Castle for the Danish people.

Ayaso was destroyed in a tribal war as these European posts were constructed.

The population in Ayaso, together with that of the other major Ga towns on the Accra plains, was drawn to the coast by the prospect of profitable trade with the Europeans.

As a result of this movement, three coastal villages, Osu, Dutch Accra, and James Town, emerged.

The three villages became the nuclei of what was to be Accra.

This is the history of Accra, meaning in Ghana.

What Is The Role Of The City

Accra grew into a prosperous trading center even after the Danes and Dutch left the region in 1850 and 1872.

The city acts as the administrative, economic and educational center of Ghana.

The city has the head offices of all the large banks and trading firms, insurance agencies, electricity corporations, the post office, large open markets, and the Accra Central Library.

This is all you need to know about Accra’s meaning in Ghana.

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